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    Coding the SourcesDigital Editions in the HumanitiesSummerschool and Workshop


Coding the Sources – Digitales Edieren in den Geisteswissenschaften. Summerschool und Workshop

  • When? 17. - 27. August 2020 (Summerschool), 24. - 27. August 2020 (Workshop)
  • Where? Online, more information below.
  • Who? Everyone who is interested in digital editions and how to make them is invited to apply. Please note that the school and the workshop will be held in German.
    For further information, please see the German version of this page or contact us under 
    • Deadline: 31st July 2020

Digital Editions are well established in the humanities by now with numerous possibilities to enhance and present historical sources. Yet, for beginners it is hard to know where to start and which tools and resources to choose. Together with CAU Kiel and the Institut für Dokumentologie und Editorik (IDE) we want to help those who are new to digital editions to take the first steps. During the Online summerschool, the participants will learn basic concepts and established standards of digital editions, both in theory and practice.
Following the summerschool, ongoing projects for digital editions (with a focus on the Hanse area/Hanse sources) will be presented and discussed in a two-day workshop. More information can be found here (in German). Please send any questions to