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    Good Stuff

Good Stuff:
Textile Worlds from the Hanse Era to the Present

Textiles were an important trade, production and consumption good for the Hanse. The FGHO deals with the topic in many ways and has been involved in the research network »EuroWeb - Europe through Textiles« since 2020. Together with the European Hansemuseum, the FGHO is working on the special exhibition »Good Stuff: Textile Worlds from the Hanse Era to the Present«. 

Textiles and their trade have long determined the way people live together. Areas far apart have been linked for centuries by the trade in fabrics. The textile industry was and is a central factor in the economic development of Europe and has had a great impact on societies. The textile industry stands for market economy, innovation and prosperity, but also for dependency, unfair labour and ecological problems. 

The research centre is focusing on the historical background of the textile Hanseatic world for the exhibition: How did people consume, produce and trade textiles at the time of the Hanseatic League? 

In addition, there was a conference on the topic of »Interwoven Societies«. 

University seminars

We are pleased to welcome seminars and courses to the exhibition. We will be happy to provide you with a list of recommended reading.

In addition, we offer support in the preparation and implementation of excursions to the special exhibition.