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    Records of Low German Urban Diets

Records of Low German Urban Diets

Urban diets are among the most significant political events in the premodern society. This is also true for the Low German cities which are characterized by a particularly strong urban society. Therefore, a large amount of written documents coming from these diets is preserved in the archives today. The project aims to take stock of the often unedited ‘recesse’, the official resolutions of the diets, as a central source for further research on premodern urban meeting culture. We are furthermore interested in exploring how these documents can be made accessible to a wider research community and to the public in general. 

Beyond taking stock of the archival records, the Research Centre for Hanse and Baltic History strives to develop a concept to make the edited and archival sources accessible. Here, a particular focus will be on the opportunities of a digital (re-)edition. A first step has been the Citizen-Science project 'Read.Hanse.Sources!' - you can learn more about it here. The output of the project will be made available through a read&search-site. In addition, our work will deal with issues of terminology and classification of this heterogeneous and ambiguous sources type. 

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