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    The Team of the FGHO

Director: Dr. Angela Ling Huang

Dr. Angela Huang is Managing Director of the Research Centre for Hanse and Baltic History (FGHO) at the European Hansemuseum since 2017. 

She works on different aspects of the history of the Hanse, such as northern European economic history, textile history and comparative urban history. 

alhuang [at]

Assistance: Nathalie Rudolph

Foto: Olaf Malzahn

Nathalie Rudolph has been a part of the Research Centre for Hanse and Baltic History (FGHO) since December 2019. After a year abroad as an Au Pair in Wales she studied History and Art History in Hamburg. There she worked as a student assitant and tutor to Prof. Dr. Jürgen Sarnowsky. Her Master thesis looked into spousal communication in the letter collections of English country gentry.

As a member of the FGHO she works on the Viabundus-Project, organises events such as the lecture series and creates content for @FGHO_eu and the COST Action Network @EuroWeb4.

nrudolph [at]

Research Assistance: Ole Meiners

Foto: Olaf Malzahn

Ole Meiners joined the  Research Centre for Hanse and Baltic History (FGHO) in October 2018. In his position as research assistant he is responsible for the project "Records of Low German Urban Diets".

Furthermore, he works on digital editing. In his PhD he focuses on trust within the network of trade in the hanseatic world.

omeiners [at]


Former Director: Prof. Dr. Rolf Hammel-Kiesow

Prof. Dr. Rolf Hammel-Kiesow was Director of the Research Centre for Hanse and Baltic History from 1993 until 2016. 

Furthermore he worked on the content and concepts for the European Hansemuseum since 2000 and was the chief scientist for the museum up until his retirement in June 2016.

Former staff

Julia Jäschke - Research Assistant from 01/11/2017 to 31/07/2018

Friederike Holst - Asisstant from 01/10/2017 to 31/12/2019