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    Summerschool:(Hanse) Diets in Comparison
  • Copyright: Olaf Malzahn
    Summer School(Hanse) Diets in Comparison

Summerschool "(Hanse) Diets in Comparison – Political and Ecclesiastical Conventions and Premodern Associative Culture"

Diets are fundamental events of the medieval and early modern political landscape to express, communicate and negotiate all kinds of issues. Whether ad-hoc or as a periodic institution, getting together for consultation and collaborative decision making can be found in many different forms, such as imperial diets, urban diets, territorial diets (Land- or Ständetage), Hanse diets, or church councils. The summerschool organized by the Research Center for Hanse and Baltic History in cooperation with the chair for regional history of Schleswig-Holstein at the CAU Kiel, Oliver Auge, brought together researches on different kinds of diets and associative culture to look at the field from a interdisciplinary and comparative perspective.

Five keynote lectures and a public lecture provided the participants with in-depth insights into the different kinds of diets as starting point for a profound comparison. The lectures were held by:  

Further information can be found here (in German).

Conference proceedings can be found here (also in German).