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  • Summerschool 2023Digital History

Summerschool: »Digital History - New tools for source indexing and text analysis« 

When?        24.07.-28.07.
Where?      Online via Zoom
Who?           Students, but also historians of any qualification level, from BA to professorship, archivists, and all other interested parties.


The contents will first be presented by experts experienced in teaching digital editions. Afterwards, the participants will try out the tools and techniques and apply them by means of concrete exercises. Participants are required to bring their own laptops.

At the end of the summerschool, edition projects in various stages will be presented. The focus will be on the approaches and methods of the projects. The presentation of the projects - preferably at an early stage - and the exchange with the expert audience can be used to obtain feedback and suggestions and to discuss different implementation and solution possibilities.


For participation in the summerschool, please send a short letter of motivation (½ page), indicating previous knowledge and contact points with the topic of »digital editing«, to the following address:

For an application for a project presentation, we ask for an approximately 1-page project description, from which in particular the considerations for digital implementation can be seen, by email to:


Monday, 24th July 
   9.30-12.00    Introdction to the Summerschool
                              •   »What do Digital Humanities and Digital History mean for historical scholarship today?
                                    What motivates us to do the Summer School?« (Gerald Schwedler/Angela Huang)
                              •   Introductions: Speakers/ Participants
                              •   Basic Transkribus and how to get started: Installing tools and creating profiles:
                                   Transkribus (READ-COOP)
                              •   Nopaque (»The Flow«)
14.00-16.30    Background and preparation
                              •   »READ-COOP-SCE and Transkribus: background, projects and products« (READ-COOP)
17.00-18.00    Projekt presentations
                              •   »Read.Hanse.Sources!«/Tagfahrten (FGHO: Angela Huang/Vivien Popken)
                              •   Transkribus and late medieval accounts (Gerald Schwedler)

Tuesday, 25th July
   9.30-12.00    Introduction to working with Transkribus (READ-COOP)
                               With prepared exercise material (Hanse/late medieval accounts)
                              •   Group 1: Transkribus-Basics
                              •   Group 2: Advanced
14.00-16.30    Practice (READ-COOP)
                              Mit vorbereitetem Übungsmaterial (Hanse/Rechnungsquellen)
                              •   Group 1: Transkribus-Basics 
                              •   Group 2: Advanced
17.00-18.00    Project presentations
                              • eScriptorium (Simon Gabay)
ab 19.00            Virtual Apéro

Wednesday, 26th July
  9.30-12.00    Transkribus II »Transkribus: Details«
14.00-16.30    Practice
                              •   Practice on own or provided practice material (3 groups)
17.00-18.00    Project presentation
                              •   nodegoat (Lab 1100)

Thursday, 27th July 
   9.30-12.00   Introduction to digital text analysis
                              •   »Making texts transparent: automatic text processing with the platform nopaque«
                             (Silke Schwandt/ Tobias Hodel)
14.00-16.30    Practice
                              •   Practice on own or provided practice material (»The Flow«)
17.00-18.00   International panel discussion on digital infrastructure, requirements (FAIR) and digital

Friday, 28th July
  9.30-10.30    Open forum, presentation of own projects & discussion on planned projects
10.30-11.30    Supervised training
                             •   Practice on prepared material in small groups with tutors
12.00-13.00    Closing
                             •   Feedback
                             •   Confirmation of participation