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    The Research Centre



The Research Centre for Hanse and Baltic History (FGHO) was founded in 1993. Since 2015, the centre is connected to the European Hansemuseum since the museum opened in 2015. The Centre was also significantly involved in the conceptual design of the European Hansemuseum in Lübeck and continues to support the Hansemuseum with newest research on Hanse history. The current director of the Research Centre is Dr. Angela Huang. In 2023, the FGHO celebrated its 39th birthday.

The Centre conducts and coordinates historical and interdisciplinary research on the German Hanse and related topics in the former sphere of Hanse trade, stretching from Portugal to Russia. With our work we aim to make research on the German Hanse widely accessible through public lectures and popular media (print, radio and television). 

The FGHO carries out its own research projects about the History of the Hanse and the Baltic and is part of a network of international Hanse researchers. Recently, we have established Citizen Science as part of our work as well. 

Next to other organisations such as the Hanseatic History Society, we represent the history of the Hanse within Germany and internationally. At the European Hansemuseum, researchers from all over the world find a place to conduct and discuss their work on this international topic. The FGHO organises conferences, workshops and summerschools. The specialized library on Hanse history is open to researchers on request.